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It Finds The Right Patterns

Top Tenant, powered by Buxton, the industry leader in customer and location analytics for more than 25 years, continuously analyzes a stream of trillions of data points over 1 million retail, restaurant and healthcare locations across more than 6,000 brands (and growing) in the U.S., to identify and measure the key characteristics required by each brand and concept.

Extends well beyond demographics

First and foremost, successful locations must have enough of the right types of potential customers, living and working in their “trade area” around them. Traditional Demographics are not precise nor granular enough to accurately pinpoint, differentiate, and quantify who the right customers are for each unique concept. Top Tenant goes well beyond demographics and leverages Buxton's industry leading, household-level, behavior-based, consumer data to do exactly that.

It knows precisely where customers will come from

Accurately measuring the area from which potential customers will come (the trade area) is critical to measuring whether there are enough of them, which competitor locations and other variables impact their behavior, and is necessary to make an “apples to apples” comparison between more than one site. Traditional mileage rings do a poor job of accurately measuring, much less defining trade areas. Top Tenant uses real customer observations and proprietary drive-time based methodologies to measure and accurately determine actual and predicted trade areas for more than 3,500 potential tenant brands, anywhere.

Thousands of variables evaluated

Thousands of other trade area and site level variables impact a brand's location performance including which co-tenants are present, how much “area draw” is near, traffic by time of day, and more. Top Tenant measures and incorporates all of these variables.

Your property is compared to every retail location in the U.S.

Top Tenant categorizes potential customers and then measures them as well as other key variables around your property using the unique drive-time trade areas of more than 6,000 brands. This property level “profile” for each brand is then compared to every one of the brand's existing locations to determine how similar or dissimilar your property is to each brand's existing network. Brands exceeding a VERY HIGH threshold of similarity are deemed “Top Tenants” for your property.

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