Q&A: What is the New Top Tenant Platform?

We’re excited about the launch of our new product - Top Tenant – and sat down with Phillip Crow, Senior VP of Product Development to gain some insight into the new platform. Here’s what he said.

Buxton provides a wide variety of services within the Commercial Real Estate sector. Give us some background with regards to your deep industry analytics.

For over 25 years Buxton has provided leading retailers, restaurants, and service providers, as well as private equity firms and the public sector, with strategic and analytical insight for growth, optimization, and success.

Along the way we have garnered unparalleled experience, data, and technology which allows us to empower and guide business strategies in the CRE space. By remaining data agnostic, Buxton synthesizes over 1,000 unique databases, comprised of hundreds of thousands of attributes and over a trillion consumer and business data points.

The scale at which Buxton operates, continuously analyzing every business location in the country is unmatched not only in breadth but in depth. Our household level analytics are uniquely granular and precise, which drives valuable insights for our clients.

“Top Tenant leverages Buxton’s heritage, data, and experience to deliver an easy-to-use and easy-to-understand solution, which drives evidence-based tenant placements.”

You’re launching a new platform: Top Tenant. Tells us a bit about it.

Top Tenant is a fully automated tenant placement platform. The product has full API connectivity, and allows users to instantly run thousands of brand level models on any site in the country to identify the perfect tenant fit for any given space.

Top Tenant leverages Buxton’s heritage, data, and experience to deliver an easy-to-use and easy-to-understand solution, which drives evidence-based tenant placements.

Who is the Top Tenant platform designed for, and who should be using it?

Broadly speaking, anyone with a vested interest in optimizing and recruiting tenants will find value in Top Tenant - the platform is extremely simple and easy to use.

Specifically, Top Tenant is designed for retail, restaurant, and healthcare oriented:

  1. Brokers who want to streamline and place tenants more efficiently, allowing them to prioritize recruitment strategies, and
  2. Property Owners attentive to tenant quality, with the goal of lowering turnover.

Buxton already have a broad variety of analytical tools across several sectors. What sets the Top Tenant platform apart?

When conceptualizing Top Tenant, our goal was to develop a product that is quick, easy to use, and accurate, while leveraging the 25+ years’ experience Buxton has in the industry. We can confidently say we have done just that.

What are the benefits of finding ‘the perfect fit’ for an occupancy?

At its core, it allows brokers and property owners to place tenants based on fact, not intuition.

Perhaps more specifically, it increases the efficiency of tenant placements, reduces the cost of tenant recruitment, and lowers the likelihood of tenant turnover. Together, these will increase center traffic, allowing brokers and landlords alike to enjoy higher rentals.

What data sources does Buxton use for the Top Tenant platform?

We utilize massive amounts of data sources. These include psychographic, proprietary firmographic, geographic, consumer movement, and healthcare supply and demand data. This allows us to paint a very clear picture of what a perfect tenant fit would be.

Is a demo version of the tool available?

Yes, it is! You can subscribe to a demo here.