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Leading growth through analytics.

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Unparalleled Experience

With the most clients and experience, advanced and differentiated technology, biggest and brightest analytics team, unparalleled and massive consumer behavior and property databases, Buxton is the clear leader in location level, customer-based performance analytics.

We Created the Industry

Founded in 1994, Buxton created the customer analytics industry and has continued to pioneer its evolution and advancement with new products, methodologies, and data, serving the most advanced analytics solutions available for business growth and optimization across a wide range of industries. Today we provide analytics solutions in over 200 countries and territories across the globe.

Buxton Knows Tenants

With over 5,000 retail, restaurant, healthcare, and property owner clients, Buxton knows tenants. We know what makes them tick, their requirements for success, and how each tenant brand is uniquely different from the rest. Perhaps just as important, tenant brands know Buxton and trust our analytics to guide their most important business decisions.

Easy to Understand Strategies for Growth

We distill massive amounts of data into easy-to-understand answers about customers, patients, tenants, and property level business performance. We help organizations, owners, agents, and others understand who their best customers are, identify best potential markets and locations, assess value and opportunity within current real estate portfolios, increase effectiveness of recruitment efforts, improve business retention, and understand true growth potential.

Top Tenant Powered by Buxton

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