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Finding a tenant for your property can be time consuming and costly.

Too Many Options

Where to start? With thousands of potential brands and concepts it's difficult to know where to focus tenant recruitment efforts and many concepts are overlooked.

Risky Chances

Traditional recruitment that is based solely on demographics and “gut feel” often leads to failed tenants, high turnover, and the start of a downward spiral.

Lost In The Shuffle

Same ole story. We've all seen the same site marketing package. If you don't have content to differentiate your site, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle.

3rd Party Validation

Retailer, restaurant and healthcare brands might not know your site. However, they know Buxton and they know that our analytics are second to none when recommending a location for a specific brand or use.

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Top Tenant uses Buxton's advanced analytics to find the right tenant for your property.

Top Tenant continuously analyzes trillions of data points for over 1 Million retail, restaurant and healthcare locations across more than 4,000 brands in the U.S. to identify the trade area and site characteristics they seek for new locations. Brands that consistently locate in places VERY similar to your property are “Top Tenants”.

Types Of Data

Household Lifestyles


Trade Area Trends




Top Tenant Powered by Buxton


Trillions of data points

1,000,000+ locations

4,000+ brands

Top Tenant Value

Top Tenant arms property owners, developers, and brokers with 3rd party independent and unbiased, industry leading analytics-based validation of “best fit” potential tenants, enhancing tenant recruitment efforts, reducing tenant turnover, and optimizing ability to negotiate favorable lease and purchase agreements.

  • Close deals faster by focusing on potential tenants most likely to say “yes”
  • Identify the best potential tenants with the greatest likelihood to succeed and remain over the long term
  • Tell a more compelling, customer analytics-based story to potential tenants

Praise For Top-Tenant

When a brand like Buxton, who has driven the growth and reimagination of retail brings a product like Top Tenant to market, it quickly becomes the secret weapon for those in the know.

Michael Beckerman, CEO – CREtech

We have used Buxton for the past several years. They provide an outstanding retail tenant-matching service, which is backed up by a wealth of up-to-date analytics.

George Kropinski, Owner – Admiralty Group and Hawkeye Village